Yoga Workshops & Teacher Trainings


For Yoga Teachers

Yoga Teachers, you are dear to my heart, and I want to help you know how to stay vibrant in your teaching–and in your practice.  In each of my Body of Bliss™ workshop you will:

  • Learn specific and functional alignment cues that recharge your students’ practice and keep them coming back to your classes, no matter what style you teach.
  • Enrich the creativity in your sequencing and knowing that your alignment cues ensure that your students gain strength, avoid injury, and advance their practice.
  • Evolve your teaching from teaching poses to teaching to the student, and the unique bodies in your room.
  • Have your own tool box of self-care postures (we all need them), know how to address your body tweaks (we all have them) and live your yoga so that you can continue to serve others with it.

All of myBody of Bliss™workshops are available for continuing education credits through the Yoga Alliance for  RYT 200, RYT 300 and RYT 500 yoga teachers.

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For Aspiring to Advanced Yoga Students

Practice yoga the way your body is designed to move–with joints supported and building muscles that are supple and strong.

I know a myriad of yoga students, myself included, whose yoga practice worked for them for a period of time, but an ensuing injury took them out of it.  With this work you will gain meaningful insight into how your body works using fun, fresh and intriguing body-balancing postures that you can apply to any style of yoga, and that will keep you in your practice for a lifetime.

Join one of my workshop offerings around the country, or ask your studio owner to host a Body of Bliss™ workshop at your home studio.


“When one tugs at a single thing in nature, one finds it attached to the rest of the world.”

– John Muir

Body of Bliss

Body of Bliss™ is my signature Functional Yoga curriculum.  A comprehensive conscious movement program as seen through yoga’s lens, Body of Bliss™ workshops address issues of mobility and pain in the body using a variety of yoga postures, corrective exercises, self-massage techniques, experiential anatomy and pranayama.

The unique integration of movement topics, combined with body and ball therapy, bring a fresh, intriguing and effective approach to yoga.  The curriculum is appropriate for yoga teachers, yoga teacher training programs, and for curious yoga students at any level.

The curriculum includes 21 stand-alone courses having depth in both content and student experience.  A student guide is included for teacher trainings.  All Body of Bliss™ workshop sessions are eligible as Continuing Education credits with the Yoga Alliance.

View the Body of Bliss™ Curriculum.

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Bea is incredibly professional, organized, accomplished in her field, and offered something clearly specialized that we knew our students and teacher trainees could benefit from. The feedback we received once her workshop ended was overwhelmingly positive. Our students were excited to apply what they learned to their practice, their teaching, and as a result we are excited to collaborate with Bea in the future!

Alex Lee-Ammons

Marketing & Events Coordinator, Kindness Yoga, Denver, CO

Having taught both music and yoga for over 35 years, it is a rare occurrence to find a teacher like Bea Doyle. The breadth of knowledge, wisdom, compassion, and integrity in one yoga teacher is getting harder and harder to find. Ms. Doyle embodies the highest aspirations anyone can hope for. Serious yoga students will do well to seek out such a gifted teacher as Bea Doyle.

Ted L. Cox

Author of Warrior Self–Unlocking the Promise of the Bhagavad Gita, and Warrior Truth– Discovering the Power of the Bhagavad Gita, Co-Owner of Spirit House Yoga, Oklahoma City, OK