Yoga Therapeutics–What’s it All About?

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 What is a commonly heard statement from clients at the beginning of a Therapeutic Yoga session?

a.  My body is falling apart as I age, and I want to stay active.
b.  I’ve tried everything, and this is my last attempt to get relief from my  ______  pain.
c.  I want to still be able to workout/run/climb/cycle/compete, but I have this chronic pain in my _______.
d.  I’ve been told that there’s nothing else that I can do for my pain, but I don’t believe it’s true.
e.  I want to avoid surgery if I can.

(Answer:  All of the above.)

Working therapeutically with yoga is gradually coming into mainstream awareness.   Yoga students experience situational aches and pains melt away as they become stronger in alignment in their regular public yoga classes.  This, combined with having tried everything else for the more chronic issues and injuries, is bringing the active person to yoga therapeutics–and they are finding results.

First let me be loud and clear when I say that I am a fan and supporter of all kinds of body work and manual therapies including massage, myofascial release, rolfing, osteopathic, chiropractic, acupuncture and physical therapy to name some of the more well-known therapies, and I regularly refer out to my peers in these fields.

bridgewithblockBut what is yoga therapy and how is it like and not like its sister manual therapies?

Yoga therapy, like most manual therapies, works with bio-mechanical issues, that is issues involving muscles, connective tissue, joints and bones; and how they move in concert in the body.

Like chiropractic, you may experience adjustments in the body through yoga therapeutics, and like myofascial release and rolfing, you can experience release of muscles spasm and bound fascia enabling bones to find their way back into alignment.  Like physical therapy, you will work in range of motion and open in joints, and like a soothing massage, tension can dissolve away with yoga therapeutics.  Each of the mentioned modalities certainly go deeper in their work than what I have just mentioned, but I have simply drawn out some of the similarities in our work.

But how is yoga therapeutics different from other manual therapies?

In therapeutic yoga sessions, after an assessment, the client is given the tools/exercises for working with their injury or chronic pain themselves.  The exercises, based in yoga movement, but with a call to very precise alignment are not about mindless repetition, but about putting your awareness in the body and moving from there.

It’s the Home Depot version of therapy.  I give you the tools, but you have to do the work.  The exercises are adapted for the client, and everyone can learn them.  My yoga therapy sessions are not like any yoga class you may have taken, and it is not necessary for you to have prior yoga experience to benefit from a yoga therapeutics session.


Dynamic Yoga Therapeutics™ does the work of aligning muscles, bones and connective tissue with its Optimal  Blueprint for the body.

We all have a subtle inner body that is an energetic double for the physical body.  DNA, aging, life’s events and accidents influence the inner energetic body, and therefore the physical body.

If I consider my siblings, 3 of us have my mother’s body type and one has my father’s.  Body type, determined by DNA, is true for any family.  So there is a familial effect on the body’s alignment.

Age has a great influence on our inner and outer body.  Look at a toddler with perfect uplifted heart, and thighs squarely rooted in their hip sockets.  They move with great ease and playfulness!  But both the energy and physical body change with age.

Injuries can alter both the inner and outer body.  Dynamic Yoga Therapeutics takes this into account and aligns the body with its optimal blueprint–the master design for the body’s optimal alignment for the inner and outer body.  When this happens, healing occurs.

Dynamic Yoga Therapeutics allows prana, the vital and intelligent energy of the body to flow freely, and carries the belief that the body wants to heal.

When the body lines up physically and energetically with its optimal blueprint, the vital energy flows freely.  When this happens changes in the body occur that hadn’t without this flow.  The body can then do the work of healing.  All systems “go” here.

I work therapeutically in four ways:

  • In my regular weekly yoga classes, alignment instruction is based in my Dynamic Yoga Therapeutics work.  Come and experience a yoga class where the situational aches and pains melt away.
  • I offer a 6-week class designed specifically for Back Care issues.
  • I offer 3 therapeutic clinics that focus on regions of the body: feet/knees/hips, the spine, wrists/shoulders/neck
  • I have a private therapeutics practice.

What is the best option?  Hands down, I would recommend a private session, and then take the work into the group sessions.  It’s only one or two privates that you’ll need, in most cases.

Let me know your questions and comments.

Read what clients have to say about the work.

Of note:  I have over 200 hours of training specifically in the therapeutic application of Anusara’s alignment principles.  My understanding of bio-mechanics is the result of self-study and from working with thousands of students since 2000.

There is not yet a regulatory/licensing board for Yoga Therapeutics, but it is quickly growing as a profession, much like Ayurveda is today.  I am registered at the highest level with the Yoga Alliance; the national registry board for yoga teachers and yoga schools in the United States.

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