Body of Bliss™ Heart of Gold 10th Anniversary Yoga Retreat

February 22 - 24 | The Mothership Yoga Lounge, Truth or Consequences, NM

It's our 10th year of coming together for finding balance in our bodies and basking in the goodness of our hearts. Whether it's your first time or tenth, I hope you will join us for a joyful weekend dedicated to blissful self-care. Playful postures, supportive breath work, nourishing yoga nidra and going to the stillpoint in meditation, all augmented by room infusion with doTERRA’s essential oils; then soak away the evenings in the abundant mineral hot springs in colorful Truth or Consequences, NM . (Yoga Teachers! all sessions are eligible for continuing education credits with the Yoga Alliance.)

Next Horizon Yoga ~ Posture Informs Movement

March 22 - 25 | Spirit House Yoga, Oklahoma City, OK

OUR NEXT HORIZON as yoga teachers and life-long learners of yoga is to continue along our path of discovery, reveling in the journey, and deepening our awareness. From this place, our perspective can shift to embrace a broader understanding of how to serve others through functional yoga and conscious movement. Cultivate more effective skills in critical thinking, focused assessment, and expanded compassion as applied to anatomy, bio-mechanical movement, and yoga philosophy.

In this Immersion we'll take a deep dive into how our posture informs and influences our movement, be it in our yoga practice or our daily lives. You'll learn about the most common posture types, how to assess posture and gain insight into intelligent sequencing for bringing any posture type back to neutral. Practicing unique outside-the-box functional yoga poses and experiential anatomy instruction will be our play for this 4-day Immersion.

Body of Bliss™ – Self Care to the Core

April 6 - 7 | Shree Yoga Taos, Taos, NM

When it comes to Self-Care, there are three indisputable aspects of the practice to explore: the psoas, the breath, and our core muscles. In this workshop, Our Body of Bliss journey will take us to the depths of the inner body with the breath as our vehicle and the network of muscles and fascia our territory. We'll move with outside the box yoga poses, roll on therapy balls and take our awareness along for the ride with the breath.

Functional Yoga: Mobility, Strength & the Fascial Web

April 26 - 28 | Kindness Yoga, Denver, CO

Bringing along the mechanical view of the body where muscles, bones, ligaments and tendons act at their joints to create movement, we broaden our perspective to fascia, the connective tissue matrix in the body, and a key player for an integrated practice steering us toward optimal mobility and strength.

Each Session Includes:
*Basic Anatomy, Bio Mechanics and the Fascial Seams
*Yoga Practice Including Outside-the-Box Yoga Asana and Functional Movement Approaches for Strength and Mobility
*Breath Awareness and Pranayama Techniques
*Soft Tissue Reconditioning using Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Balls
*Deeper Insight into the Yoga Practice and Movement Health

Intended for the curious yoga student seeking a deeper understanding of their practice, and yoga teachers and teacher trainers wanting to integrate functional yoga techniques into their teaching.