Private Therapeutic Yoga Sessions

How They Work

Private therapeutic sessions begin with an intake where I listen to your concerns for areas of pain or discomfort that you are experiencing, and for your desires for optimal health in the big picture.  I assess both posture and movement patterns, and we consider goals for your wellness.

I’ll work with you using corrective yoga exercises, body therapy, self-massage techniques and breathing practices. I then recommend and teach a home practice plan for restoring and realigning the body for optimal health and movement ability.


What You’ll Gain

The postures that you’ll learn are related to yoga, and are designed to help you know how to explore, retrain and realign movement.  Inherent in the work is emphasis on specific strengthening and stretching exercises, and working with your breath.

With this work, you will develop a deeper and more meaningful mind-body connection that informs your journey towards improved posture, eradicating pain and increasing mobility.

No prior yoga experience is needed to effectively employ my yoga therapeutic practices, only the desire to help yourself feel better in your body.

Scheule a private therapeutic yoga session below!

My sciatica is soooo much better. The exercise routine is heavenly. I went dancing and I’m ready for more. Ray Cawley

I suffered from two herniated discs in my neck. During two private sessions you taught me some simple exercises to relieve my pain and strengthen my muscles. After a few weeks doing these exercises on my own I had regained strength and flexibility, and learned the things I needed to do to avoid the chronic neck and shoulder pain I had been experiencing for years. Heidi Snow

Interested in a private session?

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