July Sequence–Grounded Backbends

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dog-in-scorpion-poseIn these dog days of summer it’s refreshing to know that we can keep active in our yoga practice, and cool it with the heat.

The solar plexus is the seat of fire in the body, and in the July Sequence of poses, we’ll work with both of fire’s qualities–heat and light.

We’ll close the front body first to quell the heat of the solar plexus, and at the same time, send more opening to the back body, more light and awareness, in preparation for back bending.

When we take the base of the ribcage toward the back body, and keep the thighbones back, we are better able to open into a back bend–with integrity.  It’s freeing and powerful; it’s the light without the heat.

The cool thing is, all back bends are best articulated this way.

Grounded back bends are belly down back bends; think cobra, locust, bow and king pigeon pose.  Standing balance back bends, like dancer and sugar cane pose, create great inner focus.

I’ll be offering options for breaking the poses down, for crossing the thresholds along the way in your practice, plus tips for going to the outer limits of the pose.

For yoga alchemy, the transformative nature of the practice, this is it at it’s best. 

When we quiet the fire, we are less reactive and instead have more time to respond–with awareness and with choice.  And the most powerful choice will always be the one for taking initiative for our own personal growth.  Just some food for thought…

The July Sequence will build strong inner focus  for this very growth, keep us grounded and with a cool open attitude.  Oh and did I mention that it will be totally fun to explore this particular set of poses in class?  You’ll be among students who love to play but are also have both feet in the responsibilities of their lives.

We work decidedly and we play a lot.

That’s my take from the seat of the teacher, and I can’t wait to share it with you.

Take a look at the sequence and let me know your thoughts.


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