June Sequence–How to Chill Out this Summer and Still Deepen Your Practice

by | Jun 2, 2013 | Living Yoga | 4 comments

Summer-YogaWhen I think of some of the references to summer: dog day afternoons, livin’ easy, or long sultry days that stretch out to the night,

I find that I am not quite syncing up with summer’s implied relaxed nature.  You?

So how do we chill out when life is asking all the same of us, and sometimes more in the summertime?  How do we have our inner desire for a more relaxed pace, match the outer experience of our day?

I have a plan for how to chill out this summer and sustain our yoga practice–because it truly carries us–and even better, how to deepen it.

Here’s my idea.  I’m writing one practice sequence each for the months of June, July and August to teach in my classes.  The sequences, balanced in nature, won’t focus on say, back bends, or twists, or inversions,  but instead have a bit of everything in each class.

You will leave feeling physically soothed, complete and balanced.

Because sequences will repeat for a month, you will soon know what to expect… and when that happens,

your mind can let go. 

And sometimes, that’s all we need.  When our minds can rest from the input that fuels inner chatter, our day feels differently.  You will walk with more ease through what the day asks of you.  Instead of reacting, you will pause and respond.  Although you may have time constraints and deadlines, you will feel like you have enough time.  These are the fringe benefits of a regular yoga practice.

Now I bet your mind has moved to all the thoughts of what it would be like to do one sequence for an entire month.  This is when you are glad that you have a teacher in the room to guide you!  I plan on offering variations and modifications so that everyone can take part.  I’ll play around with theme and what we emphasize within each sequence.  So if we’re focusing on an arm balance, early on in the practice we’ll open the hips and build strength in the core.  Sometimes we’ll spend a lot of time on an inversion and sometimes we’ll do it simply to experience  putting ourselves upside down.  Expect variety within the general template, creativity within the form.

Have you left a class knowing that a pose is coming along and looking forward to working on it, only to not practice in class for weeks?

Now consider how your practice will deepen with repeat opportunity to explore a small collection of poses.

Take a look at our first sequence for June and let me know what you think.  Make some suggestions or comments on what you would like to see in it or for the upcoming July and August sequences.

I’m looking forward to sharing the new plan for the summer with you.

Chill out and deepen your practice this summer.


  1. Pamela Heater

    What a lovely way to enter the summer with our practice. Thank you Bea for your innovative and thoughtful soul and spirit.

    • Bea Doyle

      Thanks Pamela, I'm really looking forward to working with this format to see all that we gain from it. Looking forward to exploring it with you!

  2. Holly

    What a great plan. I'll follow along. Happily!

    • Bea Doyle

      Great Holly! Let me know how it works for you. Love to you!


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