Body of Bliss™

My signature Functional Yoga Therapy Curriculum

My signature Functional Yoga Therapy Curriculum is a comprehensive movement education program designed to address issues of performance, mobility and pain in the body using a variety of yoga postures, corrective exercises, self-massage techniques, experiential anatomy and pranayama.

The unique integration of movement topics combined with body and ball therapy bring a fresh, intriguing and effective approach to yoga and fitness trainings.

The curriculum is appropriate for yoga teacher training programs, the discerning yoga student at any level, or for the fitness and sports enthusiast seeking active recovery.

Workshop sessions fall within the Yoga Alliance standards for Anatomy & Physiology, Teaching Methodology, Techniques, Training and Practice categories, and ll serve as CE credits for yoga teachers and personal trainers

The curriculum includes 21 stand-alone courses having depth in both content and student experience. Sessions can be 2.5–3 hrs in length and the focus on experiential anatomy within any one session can vary depending on your group’s focus.

Choose 4-5 sessions for a weekend training. The entire curriculum can be completed in 4-5 weekends.

Inquire about curriculum topics, or about bringing this work to your studio.