Functional Yoga as a Health Based Practice

June 16 - 18 | Kindness Yoga, Denver CO

The Functional Yoga field runs deep and broad, addressing well-being using principles from ayurveda, hatha yoga, massage, pranayama, yoga nidra, meditation and eastern thought.

For a practical and applicable approach, we will focus on posture, movement and breath; and will combine corrective exercises, self-massage, experiential anatomy and self-awareness techniques to bring a global, layered and detailed understanding to movement through yoga’s lens.

Intended for the yoga student seeking to move without pain, anatomy and alignment nerds, and yoga teachers and teacher trainers wanting to integrate functional yoga techniques into their teaching.

The weekend Body of Bliss workshop in Albuquerque with Bea was AMAZING!  I still glow from
the positive energy she continually broadcasts, the wisdom of the teachings she conveys, and
her playfulness.  Thank you Bea for being you.

Mike Pogue