Body of Bliss™ – Shoulders & Back

November 3 - 5 | Bhava Yoga Studio, Albuquerque, NM

All sessions include asana, corrective exercises, ball therapy, basic anatomy and pranayama.

Fri PM The Essential Psoas
Explore the role of the body’s main hip flexor, the psoas muscle. You’ll feel how it relates to freedom in the hips, a tame back and a calm central nervous system.

Sat AM Experiential Anatomy for the Back and Spine
Rocket launch your understanding of the anatomy of the back and spine. We’ll take it from the 2D in books and 3D on the skeleton to embodying movement and function–what really happens in your body.

Sat PM Demystifying Downward Facing Dog Pose
Clarify the mechanics of this often misunderstood posture and find the comfort and juciness of the pose. You’ll gain insight into this highly therapeutic pose and build both strength and flexility in key joins and muscles in the body.

Sun AM Roll, Release and Recover
Address the issues in your tissues with this workshop! You’ll reveal your body blind spots, areas in the body that are underused or misused, wake them up and soothe them. This session will be like getting a deep tissue massage and an accessible yoga practice all at the same time.

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Be Doyle's yoga retreats foster a playful and supportive environment, and empower students to make self-care a lasting part of their lives. Bea holds certifications in Anusara Yoga, Yoga Tune Up® Fitness Therapy and with the International Association of Yoga Therapists.

Fall in love with taking care of yourself. Mind. Body. Spirit.

– Anonymous

The weekend Body of Bliss workshop in Albuquerque with Bea was AMAZING!  I still glow from
the positive energy she continually broadcasts, the wisdom of the teachings she conveys, and
her playfulness.  Thank you Bea for being you.

Mike Pogue