Body of Bliss™ – Self Care to the Core

April 6 - 7 | Shree Yoga Taos, Taos, NM

When it comes to Self-Care, there are three indisputable aspects of the practice to explore:  the psoas, the breath, and our core muscles.  In this workshop, Our Body of Bliss journey will take us to the depths of the inner body with the breath as our vehicle and the network of muscles and fascia our territory.  We’ll move with outside the box yoga poses, roll on therapy balls and take our awareness along for the ride with the breath.

Sat AM The Essential Psoas
Explore the role of the body’s main hip flexor, the psoas muscle, and how it relates to freedom in the hips, a tame back and a calm central nervous system. Unlike any other muscle in the body with respect to its physiological makeup, the psoas requires a unique approach for best engagement. Build deep awareness and health in the muscle that impacts your well-being and the ability to run, jump, play and dance like nobody is watching!

Sat PM Upper Body and Breath
In this session the upper body, hips to head, is brought back into balance using ball therapy and breathing practices. Dominant muscles are quieted, sleepy muscles awakened, tense muscles released, all setting the stage for proper functioning of both the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems through yoga’s best breathing practices.

Sun AM Integrated Core
Learn how to skillfully build your core plus tame one of the deep hip flexor muscles that can actually inhibit the effectiveness of your efforts. Using ball therapy techniques, core strengthening postures and breathing practices, you’ll leave with a tool kit for building a stronger core that will support back health, balance, your yoga practice and the fitness workouts you love to do.

Note:  Yoga Teachers!  All sessions are eligible for continuing education credits with the Yoga Alliance.

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Bea Doyle’s trainings and workshops foster a playful, focused and supportive environment for learning and empower her students to step into their personal journey, be it for self-care or for sharing yoga’s gifts with others. A yoga educator for two decades and a forever student of yoga, she delivers depth of knowledge and passionate enthusiasm through her teachings. Bea is registered with the Yoga Alliance as a E-RYT 500 and YACEP, a continuing education provider; and holds certifications in Anusara Yoga, Yoga Tune Up® Fitness Therapy, The Roll Model Method® and with the International Association of Yoga Therapists.

Fall in love with taking care of yourself. Mind. Body. Spirit.
– Anonymous

The weekend Body of Bliss workshop in Albuquerque with Bea was AMAZING!  I still glow from
the positive energy she continually broadcasts, the wisdom of the teachings she conveys, and
her playfulness.  Thank you Bea for being you.

Mike Pogue