Calling All Seasoned Yogis 50+

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I’m not one for being exclusive, but for this post I’d like to address a subset of yoga practitioners–all 50+ seasoned yogis, who want to stay strong and open in their practice.  If you’re not in this group, I encourage you to read on to learn what is special about a 50+ yogi who practices regularly.

Desiree Rumbaugh has started a Wisdom Warrior™ movement for this very group of practitioners.  Read the article about Wisdom Warriors featured recently in the New York Times.

I went to Desiree’s first Wisdom Warrior training in Denver last month.  It was a beautiful sharing of the love of the practice with students ages 50-85!  Some started years ago with 30 years of practice behind them, and some started later in life, but all with a dedication that has brought them into their Wisdom Warrior years with much grace and strength.

I was most taken by a comment from the students in their 60’s who expressed that they feel like they are being pushed out of their yoga classes.  They said that the newer, younger teachers didn’t know what to do with them in class–they can do advanced poses, but their pace is slower than that in a typical power yoga class–and that the younger students were ignoring them, leaving them feeling like they had no place to go.  Remember these are healthy, fit, strong, experienced, spirited practitioners, so not candidates for chair yoga!

I felt for these students and heard both their love of the practice and their frustration.  And I was so glad to know that it’s not the case at Bhava where we have students, mat to mat, from every decade from teens to 70’s in some classes.  This is a fact.  In most every classes you will at least find students 20’s-60’s.

Because we are an alignment based studio with plenty of flow and strength to our teaching, there is a place for even the seasoned practitioner who is in the golden years…  ok, I said it.  I actually despise that reference, or I guess it’s more accurate to say that I don’t resonate with it… Wisdom Warriors, yep, that fits.

So this is all to say that I would like to start a Wisdom Warrior practice.  In a led practice, the teacher practice right along side the students, calling out poses and directing the class, but also does the practice.  There is time for breaking down poses and partner work.

I’ll write sequences for us to play with.  I’m going to ask one of you to bring the play list… 70’s anyone?  And the other piece, Wisdom Warriors, as a movement, extends outside the studio.  We make a point to get together with each other and with our partners and families to build connection beyond the practice.  I want ideas from you… pot lucks, wine and/or beer tasting, movies, theatre, baseball game anyone, halloween party?  And I’ll admit it now, I actually LIKE bowling.

Are you in?


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