Bhava’s 7 Gems

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This year, more than any other, students have shared their experience of Bhava and have told me what they love.  Now that Bhava is in its 8th year, perhaps our vision and mission has taken form in what we do, and is clear to even the new student.  Over the years, I have collected students’ comments, and in reflecting on them I see what is special about us–and it’s what I want to share with you now.  I would love to know which of our gems has meaning for you.

Bhava’s 7 distinguishing gems:

greenThe Space     Designed specifically from the ground up as a yoga studio–high ceilings, natural lighting, floating wood floors, fresh air and feng shui floor plan.  Attention to color and detail for an uplifting experience.  Highly functional temperature control; water feature for inner focus during quiet times.   Studio Photos

Tperiwinklehe Programming     30 ongoing classes per week, 7 days/week, morning, noon and evenings.  6-week series classes for the beginner and for those with back issues, the very popular Yoga Hour, workshops led by Bhava’s and internationally renowned teachers, yoga retreats, Immersions and teacher training, private instruction, private group classes, and therapeutically-focused clinics.   Our Schedule

diamondThe Instruction     We teach alignment-based yoga, informed from the Anusara, Ashtanga, Iyengar and Prajna yoga traditions.  Together our offerings are progressive, meaning that there is a class for you no matter your level, from Yoga Fundamentals, All Levels, Intermediate to the Advanced Practice.  We have specialty classes like Back Care, Restorative and Prenatal.

Thrubye Staff     Warm, caring and helpful desk staff; friendly, highly trained and experienced teachers; soothing massage therapist.  Our staff knows their stuff and teach progressively within each class so that over time, everyone gains.   As a group, we view our teaching as service.  We find ways to honor each other; we sub for each other, take each others classes, celebrate our successes and have each others back.   About us

peridotThe Diversity     Our student body and staff represent the diversity in Albuquerque with respect to age, race, socioeconomic background, education, sexual orientation, political standing, and body type.  We come together with yoga.

amber The Community     Diverse, welcoming, friendly, open.  A belief that each of us can get stronger and more flexible.  Trusting, playful, non-competitive, community feel.  A recognition that consistency in practice gives us the changes and growth we’re looking for.   Galleries

garnetOur Professionalism     We are consistent with our product.  We don’t randomly cancel classes, so you can count on your class being there when you come.  We value communication.  We have clearly defined systems and polices in place to serve you and the spirit of our community.   Bhava has created 14 jobs and hires vendors in the maintenance, design, accounting, and web site authoring fields.

We want to know… what makes Bhava precious to you?

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