August Sequence–Playful Poses for Strong and Open Shoulders

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cute illustrationchaturanga-dandasanaWhy one sequence for the month?

In June, I started working with one sequence per month in my weekly ongoing classes.  I’m happy to say that you have responded to the new approach with much positive feedback.

The monthly sequence takes postures from each of the classes of poses, and pairs them such that they have similar alignment elements throughout the sequence. So, for example, in this month’s sequence where we’re working on opening and stabilizing the shoulders, we’ll practice side plank pose which has the same shoulder openings as upward bow later in the sequence.  We’ll work with crow pose to build strength and integration like we’ll need in upward staff pose later on.  As a whole, the sequence makes sense alignment-wise and builds a powerful practice because of the pairing of family of poses with similar requirements for opening and stabilizing in the shoulders.

You have told me that you really enjoy having postures from each of the classes of poses and that you leave feeling balanced in your body, with no one part under or over worked.  Because we work with the same sequence for a month, you have deepened your practice over time.  You have found landmarks of change:  “This is a pos that I could never do,” and thresholds crossed “I can finally fold forward in this pose and easily reach my foot!” so there is a mechanism for measuring progress with the approach.

What does the August Sequence have to Offer?                                                                       

August brings a practice for opening and stabilizing our shoulders with attention to alignment and a desire for play.  We’ll also look at building core strength, open hips, and then play with some arm balances and back bends.

I’ll be teaching this month’s sequence in my Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday classes.  I’ll offer options for alternate poses, modifications when necessary, and key alignment cues.  You’ll find strength, opening in your shoulders and time to explore poses that open us up to both the play and the power of the practice.

How Best to Work with the Sequence?

Download the August Sequence and become familiar with it.  The best approach is to come to one or a few of my classes each week for the month.  I’ll break poses down so that you’ll find both motivation and inspiration for going deeper.

I know some of you live outside of Albuquerque and won’t be making it to class.  Know that you don’t have to do each pose to get the benefits of the sequence!  Be sure to warm up well, and then pick and choose from poses later in the sequence.  I will be doing this very thing in my classes since the sequence is quite ambitious, and we have a month to work in it.

The sequence is for any student attending the All Levels classes, both 60 and 90 minutes, and the Intermediate classes on the schedule.

Write me with your questions, comments and desires.  I look forward both to your comments and having you in class.


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