About Bea Doyle

My yoga journey began just after college; I was wide-eyed and open, yet trying to figure out who I was in the world.  Having a reflective mind and being an avid skier and cyclist, yoga was the perfect portal in for me to understand my heart’s desires, and my physical body on a deeper level.  Like many of the teachers and students I work with now, yoga helped me to take care of my aches and pains, and how to keep my head on straight!

When we move well in our bodies, energy flows freely and we feel better. When we feel good, we’re kinder people and can be more conscious beings on the planet.

– Bea Doyle

Always a Yoga Teacher!

I have always been a teacher.  I started yoga programs in the two high schools where I taught math, and after 22 years took the leap to follow my heart and opened Bhava Yoga Studio in Albuquerque, NM. With Bhava, my passion for yoga as therapeutic practice continued to evolve and I offered therapeutic classes, workshops and clinics, as well as alignment-based teacher trainings.

Why I became a Teacher for Yoga Teachers

Having taught yoga professionally since 2000, I know the challenges and joys of the yoga teacher.  We want to evolve in our teaching, have confidence in our cueing, and ensure that our students are safe and progress.  We want to know how to work with a student’s individual needs within a class, and, do I say it, be able to sustain our own health and practice too!

I created my Body of Bliss Curriculum, the knowledge base for my workshops and trainings, to give you sound and fresh yoga poses and corrective exercises–all grounded in the wisdom of yoga therapeutics.  With this work, you will be able to work with how your student’s bodies work, and not just try to fit them into a pose.  You will be on the path of self-discovery, sustaining your own health, and offering the joy of wellness and self-awareness to your students.

I am certified with the International Association of Yoga Therapists, Yoga Tune Up® Fitness Therapy and in the Roll Model Method®.  I’m also registered with the Yoga Alliance at the E-RYT 500 level and am a Continuing Education provider (YACEP) for them.  I was Anusara Yoga certified from 2004 -2012.

Bea Doyle’s workshops & trainings contain a level of clarity and expertise that is rare among teachers. Her teaching style was one of immediate connection to the students, imparting practical, functional information for both students and teachers to use in their everyday lives. Bea shares a sweet connection to the hearts of her students with her relatable and warm personality. I cannot recommend her enough!

Martha McQuaid

E-RYT 500, C-IAYT, Co-Owner Spirit House Yoga, Oklahoma City, OK

The training weekend was absolutely pivotal for my teaching!  The knowledge Bea gave us, and the WHY behind what we are teaching, was invaluable.  What I gained has given me permission to make refinements in my cueing with deeper layers of alignment awareness to integrate into my teaching.  I feel empowered!”

Darcy Allison Miller

Yoga teacher since 2007