7 Reasons for Going to Yoga School

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Ok, it’s school, but remember, it’s YOGA school, more like Jack Black’s School of Rock and nothing like the school we had to go to.  It’s way more fun, interactive; and integrates body, mind and spirit.

But really, why immerse yourself in an in-depth yoga program?

Any or all may apply:

  1. It’s a transformative experience.
  2. You are ready to go deeper into the philosophical/spiritual tenets of yoga.
  3. You want to advance in your practice beyond what the weekly class can offer.
  4. You are looking for a vehicle for personal growth, in a community setting.
  5. You are a yoga nerd and want to learn more about anatomical alignment, how the body works bio-mechanically in flow and how that all translates to yoga poses.
  6. You want to learn how to see energetically, inspire with your voice and develop a sensitive touch.
  7. You want to teach yoga or grow as a yoga teacher.

Yoga School happens in three ways at Bhava:

the Yoga Immersion, plus Teacher Training programs at both the 200 and 300 hour levels.  To note, Bhava is a registered school at the highest level with the Yoga Alliance, the national registry and educational standards board for the yoga teaching industry and for yoga schools.  The teaching faculty includes experienced, dedicated teachers and specialist in their fields.

Both teacher training programs begin with the very special Yoga Immersion.

In the Immersion, learn about yoga’s great history and philosophy, its spiritual nature, how to unpack the alignment and anatomy behind the poses, and advance in your yoga practice–all without the pressure to teach.

The Immersion is open to any yoga student whether you plan to take teacher training or not, but required for any student planning on enrolling in teacher training.

Once having completed the Immersion, opportunities exist for continuing your study in the 200 or 300 hour teacher trainings.  In these programs develop and refine a skill set for teaching yoga, and deepen the studies begun in the Immersion.

The skills you develop extend into life skills as well.  You will cultivate clearer, more heartfelt communication, a deeper sense of purpose in your life and build community through a healthy, positive practice.

Teaching yoga is a calling and a great service.  From its simplest expression, it helps people to feel better, and at its greatest, it helps us all be more conscious beings on the planet.

I know that it continually enriches my life and I believe deeply in the game changing possibilities of it.

But you don’t have to take my word for it; check out what graduates have to say and learn more about the programs  and its teaching faculty.


Let me know your questions.
In the meantime, see you on the mat.



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