7 Aspects of a Meaningful Life

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Looking at the main ways in which I offer yoga instruction:

public classes,
yoga therapy,
yoga immersions,
teacher trainings,
and yoga retreats,

you can see that each modality has a unique focus, yet each is a method for knowing ourselves more deeply.

It just depends on which door you choose to go through, for how you will access greater personal awareness.

But the retreat setting offers something that the others don’t… and that is time away from your day-to-day life.  My annual Ultimate Freedom Yoga Retreat in T or C, New Mexico is coming up, Feb 28 – Mar 2.  

Here are 7 aspects of a meaningful life that you have to gain by being there.

1.    Self-Awareness.   As the word retreat implies, when we take refuge from the demands of our day-to-day lives, we allow the time for the deeper aspects of ourselves to flower.Student shot T or C 2011

2.    Self-Love.   A yoga retreat gives you physical, spiritual and emotional renewal .

3.    Connection.  Whether you share a retreat with your partner, a friend or come on your own, your ability to make connection with others will deepen.  In a yoga retreat, we share a common desire for knowing ourselves and others more deeply.

4.    Choice.  One result of Self-awareness is recognizing that you have choice for how to respond to every situation, challenging or not.T or C demo 2:2011

5.    Joy.  For the simple pleasures of having fun, soaking in a hot tub after a full day of yoga, eating good food and being in good company.

 6.    Freedom.  Learn how freedom is a state of mind, an open heart, being in the present moment and experiencing play.

 7.    Love.  It’s what you feel when you practice all of the above.

I invite you to open new doors this year and find yoga’s benefits for a satisfying life.

With Love… of course,

p.s. rooms fill up quickly so it’s best to book yours now.

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