Functional Yoga Workshops

For yoga teachers and curious students.

Leading empowering workshops grounded in the therapeutic wisdom of yoga.

Welcome to my yoga offerings!  My Body of Bliss™ workshops and trainings will help you to feel good in your body, live well in your life, and if you’re a yoga teacher, rocket launch your teaching. It’s my promise to you.

Aspiring to advanced yoga students, learn and integrate fresh, fun and accessible, body-balancing yoga postures and understand how your body works and plays.  You will gain strength, progress in your yoga practice, and sustain it for a lifetime. If you are looking for a more personal experience to address issues of pain or discomfort, consider scheduling a private therapeutic yoga session.

Yoga Teachers–you are very dear to my heart! Whether you are wanting to jump start your teaching or refine and empower it, my Body of Bliss Teacher Training modules are designed for you to deepen and solidify your teaching and make it yours.

The teachings translate into self-care techniques for you, an expanded understanding of the biomechanics of the body, and how yoga’s gifts of working with the breath and mind make our offerings stand brightly apart from the solely physical practices.  You will gain confidence in your teaching and keep your students’ coming back with progressive and functional yoga cues that open up your world of teaching.

All of my workshops are recognized for Continuing Education Credits by the Yoga Alliance for all RYT 200 to RYT 500 Level Yoga Teachers.

Yoga Teacher Trainings Modules

Infuse your teaching with creative, functional cues and body-balancing yoga moves. Advance your students’ practices, see them coming back for more, and help them (and you!) to stay injury free.

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Yoga Workshops

Stay supple and strong, revitalize your practice and feel good in your body with these offerings. Sustain your practice for a lifetime using a creative, fun and functional approach to yoga.

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Private Yoga Sessions

Using yoga’s method of posture, breath and visual imagery, you will be empowered to progress toward improved health and well-being. Address issues of pain and discomfort holistically with this approach.

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I have known Bea Doyle for almost two decades. Not only is she a dedicated yoga practitioner, a seasoned teacher and teacher trainer, she is a kind, generous and loving person. Bea’s combination of strength and softness is a reassuring and enlightening addition to the numerous yoga offerings available today. Whether it is asana, meditation, or therapeutic protocols, you will receive  depth, clarity, and wisdom delivered in a down-to-earth and warm-hearted presentation.

Christina Sell

Author, Yoga From the Inside Out: Making Peace with Your Body Through Yoga and My Body is a Temple: Yoga as a Path to Wholeness

About Bea Doyle

I’ve spent my life teaching.  Always physically active, relentlessly detail-oriented and joyfully curious, my expertise in teaching yoga teachers and helping others feel good, no matter what’s holding them back, comes from a deeply held belief that everything is figure-outable. A masters in mathematics, 22 years teaching high schoolers, thousands of hours of teaching yoga classes and yoga teacher trainings, ten years a yoga studio owner and hundreds of hours working therapeutically with clients, helping them move towards greater well-being… all of it is rooted in my enthusiasm for health and a commitment to service.