Happy Customers

I suffered from two herniated discs in my neck and was in excruciating pain.  In a series of private sessions, Bea taught me simple exercises to relieve my pain and strengthen my muscles.  I regained enough strength and flexibility to begin taking regular yoga classes.

Heidi Snow

OMG. I had the best run today! 12 miles, no pain! So thrilled. THANKS! I will keep doing the exercises.

Lara Patriquin

I sought out yoga therapy with Bea because I trusted her years of experience and dedication to her students.  Coming in with a long-term shoulder injury, Bea taught everyday stretches and postures I can do at home, and showed me I could trust healing was possible!

Marie Andrews

I have severe back issues with herniations and sciatica and I benefitted with yoga therapy.  I had very little soreness, some periods of no pain in the session and with practicing on my own and I attribute that to Bea’s expertise.

David Greiff

As someone with congenital scoliosis, I deeply appreciate the ways in which Bea’s therapeutic approach has empowered me to work with this challenge, not as a hindrance but as a source of strength – mental and physical – and to feel so much stronger in my yoga practice and in life.

Linda Brody

My back kept going out, was blocking off of the nerve in my left leg and I was in excruciating pain. Bea was able to get my bones to go back into place, so that my nerves were no longer being pinched. She figured out the root of my problem and taught me regular stretches. Due to her help, I have been able to prevent my back from going out over the past two years.

Keely Mackey-Gonzales

I have been living with torn meniscus pain for the past three years.  In Bea’s therapeutics workshop I learned so much of the mechanics of my particular case and how to address it through yoga. I was totally taken by her presence and attention given to all who attended. Moreover, the results are manifestly relieving the pain.

Paul O’Connor

My sciatica is soooo much better. The exercise routine is heavenly. I went dancing and I’m ready for more.

Ray Cawley

Looking forward to the retreat and again thank you so much for helping me find ways to continue my practice while I am in this transition between injury and healing. I came home yesterday feeling empowered and pain free.

Kat Crawford

The knee exercises work!!!!  Thanks so much for the help and sharing of you wisdom. I feel like I am now living my life not my knee.

Janet Mason

I’m awe struck by Bea’s wisdom, knowledge of the body and intuition! I’m ever grateful that I discovered her and her work!

Laura Wofford

I had never tried yoga before working with Bea.  I have chronic vertigo and had always felt that yoga was not going to be something that would work for me.  In private sessions, Bea works around my physical issues and shows me that yoga therapy is a solution that addresses not only some of the side effects of my vertigo but is also useful as part of my overall wellness program.

Lana Merewether